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Moth trap box placed underneath table with stack of Vouge magazines on topMoth Box
Moth Box
Sale price£10.00
Moth Box RefillsMoth Box Refills
Moth Box Refills
Sale price£14.00
Open moth decoy packaging with moth decoy insideMoth Decoy
Moth Decoy
Sale price£18.00
Bottle of Chrysanthemum moth killer spray beside orange glass vase and heart shaped plants to sideChrysanthemum Moth Killer Spray
May Chang blend hanging sachet on marbled surface beside small white flowersPink and White May Chang hanging sachet on white background
Hanging Sachet - May Chang Blend
Sale priceFrom £7.00
Sold out
Unzipped Knitwear Storage Bag With Grey Wool Jumper inside and a drawer sachet sitting on top on jumper. The knitwear bag is placed on a elegant chair | Total Wardrobe CareWhite Knitwear Storage Bag Half Unzipped With Clear Sides Showing A Couple Of Wool Jumpers Inside
Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom £10.00
Cedarwood blend hanging sachet among cedar plants on marbled surfaceAnti-moth hanging sachet in cedarwood blend on white background
Hanging Sachet - Cedarwood Blend
Sale priceFrom £7.00
Scented Drawer LinersScented Drawer Liners
Scented Drawer Liners
Sale priceFrom £20.00
Single may chang drawer sachet on pink fabric beside flowersSingle may chang blend drawer sachet on white background
Drawer Sachet - May Chang Blend
Sale priceFrom £5.00
6 cedarwood balls loose from the small bag containing more cedarwood anti-moth balls with cashmere jumpers to backgroundSmall see through bag with canada red cedarwood balls with 4 balls separate on white background
Canada Red Cedar Balls
Sale price£8.00
Packaging for cedar blend refresher spray with new branding and 10ml bottle standing alongsideNatural Cedar Blend Refresher Spray
Cedarwood blend drawers sachet on marble surface among small white flowersSingle cedarwood blend drawer sachet on white background
Drawer Sachet - Cedarwood Blend
Sale priceFrom £5.00
Open knitwear bag with 2 folded cashmere jumpers and anti-moth sticker on top with cherry blossoms surroundingKnitwear and t-shirt storage bag on white background with black tassel
Cashmere Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom £24.00
A row of cedarwood hanging blocks lined on a mirrored circular table with vase of dried flowers to the sideSingular cedarwood hanger standing beside a row of laying down hangers on white background
Cedarwood Hanging Blocks
Sale priceFrom £3.00
Sold out
Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags side by side on textured bedspread containing garments2 Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags with black ribbon on the zips
Sold out
Rubber Non-Slip HangerRubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Sale price£11.00
Small twist cap pink bottle of May Chang blend essential oil surrounded by pink flowersPink and white branded bottle of May Chang blend essential oil on white background
May Chang Essential Oil
Sale price£18.00
Natural anti-moth hanging sachet in vetivert blend on marbled surfaceVetivert blend hanging sachet on white background
Hanging Sachet - Vetivert Blend
Sale priceFrom £7.00
May Chang Linen SprayMay Chang Linen Spray
May Chang Linen Spray
Sale price£25.00
Stacked travel packing cubes on wooden tableTotal Wardrobe Care travel packing cubes in branded packaging
Travel Packing Cubes
Sale priceFrom £30.00
Singular vetivert drawer sachet on green plantsNatural drawer sachet in vetivert blend on white background
Drawer Sachet - Vetivert Blend
Sale priceFrom £5.00
Save £16.00
Cedarwood Set Special OfferCedarwood Set Special Offer
Cedarwood Set Special Offer
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£46.00

We’re happy to share our collection of best-selling products. From our Garment Bags, as seen in Vogue, to our highly effective Moth Boxes.

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Our Garment Bags make the ideal way to store clothes safely and securely. Pair these with our Description Cards for an entirely organised wardrobe. These bags are beloved by our customers.

Tired of moths invading your space? Try our premium Moth Boxes laced with female moth pheromone which entice male moths, traps and kills them, effectively breaking the moth breeding cycle. Subscribe and save to our Moth Box Refills for the perfect, year-round anti-moth solution.