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Cedarwood blend hanging sachet among cedar plants on marbled surfaceAnti-moth hanging sachet in cedarwood blend on white background
Hanging Sachet - Cedarwood Blend
Sale priceFrom $8.00
6 cedarwood balls loose from the small bag containing more cedarwood anti-moth balls with cashmere jumpers to backgroundSmall see through bag with canada red cedarwood balls with 4 balls separate on white background
Canada Red Cedar Balls
Sale price$9.00
Drawer Sachet - Cedarwood BlendDrawer Sachet - Cedarwood Blend
Drawer Sachet - Cedarwood Blend
Sale priceFrom $6.00
A row of cedarwood hanging blocks lined on a mirrored circular table with vase of dried flowers to the sideSingular cedarwood hanger standing beside a row of laying down hangers on white background
Cedarwood Hanging Blocks
Sale priceFrom $4.00

Repel Moths Naturally

Cedar Moth Repellents

The ancient Greeks were aware of the wonderful power of Cedar. Natural, fresh and one of the best ways to repel moths, the essential properties and spicy aroma of cedarwood feature in these exciting products from Total Wardrobe Care.

Anti-moth cedar balls, moth repelling hanging cedar blocks are made from solid cedarwood which is an excellent natural moth repellent. Every few months use our cedar blend refresher spray to keep your cedar repelling those moths!

Our handmade anti-moth cedarwood drawer sachets and cedar blend hanging sachets are perfect to pop inside drawers, storage boxes and wardrobes to help with moth prevention.