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Rubber Non-Slip HangerRubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Sale price£11.00
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger with ClipsRubber Non-Slip Hanger with Clips
Coat hanger extensions attached to Chinese coat hangers hanging from railHanger extensions in different colours. navy, sage, yellow and burgundy
Hanger Extensions
Sale price£6.00

4 colours available

Black chinese knot hanger with dark red hanger stays supporting a sequin dress8 dark red hanger stays on white background
Chinese Knot Hanger Stays
Sale price£6.00

Hang your Clothes Perfectly with our Hangers

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Hangers are the key to keeping your clothes pristine in the wardrobe so that even after months of hanging, they keep their shape. Our hangers are perfectly designed to hold multiple pieces of clothing at the same time so you can keep your outfits together.

We’ve thought of everything, which is why our hangers are rubber making them non-slip so you can’t knock items off while choosing your outfit. You can even extend our
luxury clothes hangers with hanger extensions.