Washing Delicates

Some clothes are too delicate to be thrown in the washing machine with all your other washing. Total Wardrobe Care have a range of clothing care products which will ensure you clothes stay in perfect condition.

Pop your delicate lingerie into our lingerie wash bag before you put it in the washing machine. Use our beautiful natural cashmere laundry liquid to delicately wash your cashmere. Whilst ironing, spray our floral ironing water directly onto your fabrics to make your garments smell beautiful and fresh. A quicker alternative to irons is steamers,
which have the added benefit of being able to use on nearly all fabrics.

Clothing Repairs & Maintenance

Regardless of how careful you are with your clothes, there will be times when you will need to do a quick repair job, our small sewing kits is perfect to take on holiday with you or leave in your car for those little clothing repairs.  Another key tool in your clothes maintenance toolkit should be our knitwear comb, this will quickly remove pills and fuzz from  your woollen garments.

Shoe Care & Travel

Protect your shoes with our shoe boxes and shoe bags which co-ordinate with our clothing storage solutions.  Our shoe bags are perfect for travelling, keeping your shoes protected and separate to other items in your luggage. Our beautiful travel packing cubes also help to keep your luggage organised and your clothes and accessories protected.