Since our launch we have featured in over 40 magazines and newspapers. The articles below are just a few examples. (Please note that each link opens in a new window.)

Open magazine with moth management article open on page and an image of hanging light with collection of moths

TELEGRAPH, NOV 2022 Article: How to Keep Clothes Pristine - Knitwear Comb
COUNTRY & TOWN HOUSE, AUG 2021 Article: Travel Accessories For The Sustainable Traveller - Packing Cubes
TELEGRAPH FASHION, AUG 2021 Article: How to Make your Clothes Last Longer & Look Better
STYLE MAGAZINE, TELEGRAPH,  SEP 2019  Article: Meet the 'Home Curators' You Never Knew You Needed 
THE MIDULT, MAY 2018 Blog: The Moths are here Product: Chrysanthemum Spray
VOGUE, APR 2018 Article: How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Product: Drawer Liners
STYLONYLON, APR 2018 Blog: Cult Cat Eyes and Total Wardrobe Care Product: Moth DIY Kit
CHRISSABELLA, MAY 2018 Article: How to Keep your Wardrobe a Moth Free Zone Products: Moth DIY Kit, Chrysanthemum Spray
CHLOE LOVES TO SHOP, APR 2018 Blog: Let's Talk about Moths Product: Moth DIY Kit
YOU MAGAZINE, MAY 2018 Article: How to Get Rid of Moths: The Expert's Guide Products: Chrysanthemum Spray, Moth Trap Box
COUNTRY LIVING UK, APR 2018 Article: Moth Prevention: How to store winter clothes to keep them free of moths and unwanted holes Products: Chrysanthemum Spray, Moth Box, Moth Decoy, Moth DIY Kit
HARPER'S BAZAAR, APR 2016 Article: How to care for your clothes Products: Moth Decoy, Non-Woven Garment Bag
THE DAILY MAIL, JUL 2016 Article: My favourite clothes get eaten by moths every Spring Product: Moth Decoy
THE DAILY MAIL - FEMAIL, JUL 2016 Article: The new way to stop moths Product: Moth Decoy
YOU MAGAZINE, JUL 2016 Article: The holey grail Product: Moth Decoy
WOMAN & HOME, JUL 2016 Article: How to get rid of (clothes) moths without it ruining your life Product: Moth Decoy
TATLER, JUL 2016 Article: Your wardrobe - Julia Dee Products: Total Wardrobe Storage
ASOS LIKES, JUL 2016 Article: How to get rid of (clothes) moths without it ruining your life Product: Moth Decoy
VOGUE ONLINE, MAR 2016 Article: How to beat clothes moths Product: Essential Oil
NORTH EAST LIFE, DEC 2011 Article: All present and correct Products: Drawer Sachets, Gifts
TATLER MAGAZINE, OCT 2011 Article: Stuff we love Products: Knitwear Comb, Clothing Care
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, DEC 2011 Article: Men, read this, your women will thank you Products: Gifts, Total Wardrobe Storage
ELLE DECORATION MAGAZINE, SEPT 2011 Article: Closet genius Products: Anti-Moth Products, Storage Boxes
WOMAN & HOME MAGAZINE, SEPT 2011 Article: Classy cleaner tidies up Product: Moth Spray
WOMAN & HOME MAGAZINE, AUG 2011 Article: Dress slimmer for summer
YOU MAGAZINE, AUG 2011 Article: Things you don't know about your wardrobe Products: Hangers, Storage Bags
ESSENTIALS MAGAZINE, JUL 2011 Product: Cashmere Care Kit Gift Set
THE TIMES, 20th JUL 2011 Article: The secret boutiques you need to know about Features: Designer alterations, Bespoke tailoring
EASYLIVING.CO.UK, MAY 2011 Article: Moth management Products: Anti-Moth Products
THE SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE, APR 2011 Article: Moth management Products: Anti-Moth Products
TIME OUT, APR 2011 Article: Total Wardrobe Care
GRAZIA, DEC 2010 Article: Gifts Product: Cashmere Care Kit Gift Set
JEWISH CHRONICLE, DEC 2010 Article: Closet clear-out
THE DAILY MAIL, OCT 2010 Article: How to revamp you wardrobe for Autumn Product: Storage Boxes
FINANCIAL TIMES, OCT 2009 Article: Save the cloth from the moth Product: Cashmere Bags