Unzipped Knitwear Storage Bag With Grey Wool Jumper inside and a drawer sachet sitting on top on jumper. The knitwear bag is placed on a elegant chair | Total Wardrobe Care
White Knitwear Storage Bag Half Unzipped With Clear Sides Showing A Couple Of Wool Jumpers Inside
2 White Knitwear Storage Bags; one laying down with the 2nd one standing on its edge on top of the other. Can see the Total Wardrobe Care Logo clearly on the top of the bag with a storage label ready to be completed.
2 Total Wardrobe Care white knitwear storage bags with clear sides next to each other on a bed.
2 Total Wardrobe Care Wool Storage bags on a bed with one of them open showing a woollen garment and moth preventing drawer sachet
3 Total Wardrobe Care Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bags; 2 are on a stool and one is visible in a open drawer. There is a green plant in the background.
Stacked Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag beside open draw and house plant
A white Total Wardrobe Care Knitwear bag with the zip undone, showing a grey wool garment inside. The bag is on a cream sofa with a cream blanket in the background
2 Total Wardrobe Care Knitwear & T-Shirt storage bags next to each other. One is open with a peach coloured wool jumper sticking out slightly
2 Wool Garment bags on a wooden chair with the Total Wardrobe Care logo visible on the front of both bags. A pair of ladies shoes are under the chair
Total Wardrobe Care Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag - view from above the logo and storage card visible.
Unzipped Knitwear and T-Shirt storage bag with description card to front on white background
Knitwear and T-Shirt Storage Bag on white background with description card to front
Two Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags side by side with description cards to front
Four Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags on white background

Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag

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Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag


Total Wardrobe Care

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These elegant bags are perfect for storing your knitwear and t-shirts. Easy to stack, they keep your clothes tidily packed away in your drawers or wardrobe until you next need them.

The breathable top allows air to circulate while keeping moths and dust out so that your knitwear and t-shirts stay clean and fresh from season to season.


These knitwear bags are the perfect size for storing clothes. A clever zip with a ribbon pull goes around two sides making it easy to store up to 10 fine knits or up to 3 more chunky ones.


As you pack away your clothes, make a note of the contents on the Storage Description Card stored in a clear pocket on the front of the bag. When you need to find an item you can double-check the card or look through the clear side panel to see what’s inside.


Our Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bags are really useful for a whole range of smaller pieces of out-of-season clothing and are a great way to organise your belts, bags, and accessories.


Each Bag: 35 x 30 x 12cm

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

The size of your knitwear will determine what size storage bag you need. These breathable Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bags store up to 10 fine knitwear garments or 3 chunky ones. Knitwear is a delicate material which needs to be carefully folded away, make sure you use our Folding Palette to keep all your garments neat!

You should store your knitwear together where possible to avoid scratching and pilling. Storing knitwear with soft t-shirt material is the best practice, make sure not to put any harsh materials in like denim.

Storing knitwear out of season is absolutely key in protection from clothes moths. Our Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag has a tidy zip which wraps around and closes tightly. With clear view from the sides, you can see exactly what is in your knitwear bag.

If you keep a few items of clothing that you don't want to wear regularly then storage bags are the best option for you. For the more delicate garments use our Acid-Free Tissue Paper between items. Our Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bags keep your clothes protected from moths while staying aerated.

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