Open knitwear bag with 2 folded cashmere jumpers and anti-moth sticker on top with cherry blossoms surrounding
Knitwear and t-shirt storage bag on white background with black tassel
Open knitwear storage bag with black tassel on suede chair and faux fur blanket
Cashmere storage bag inside pink and white packaging on white background
Cashmere storage bag open on marble surface with vase of cherry blossoms
Cashmere storage bag within pink and white packaging from reverse with instructions on the back
Cashmere storage bag on marble surface with black tassel and cherry blossoms to reverse
Two stacked cashmere storage bags in packaging on white background
Cashmere storage bag open with black tassel on suede chair with faux fur to reverse
2 Stacked cashmere storage bags in pink and white packaging with open storage bag to side with cashmere jumpers inside
Cashmere bag with burgundy tassel closed on bright white background
Cashmere storage bags one open and one closed with pink cashmere to the inside
Cashmere storage bag with burgundy tassel resting on bright white background
3 Cashmere storage bags containing red and pink cashmere on white surface
Cashmere storage bag resting on top of cashmere jumper with small white flowers to the side
Front of pink and white packaging for cashmere storage bag on white background
Back image of cashmere storage bag packaging with instructions printed
Cashmere care top tips on pink and purple branded infographic

Cashmere Storage Bag

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Cashmere Storage Bag


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A practical, elegant and convenient way to store and protect your precious cashmere from clothes moths.

The fine, soft quality of cashmere not only makes it attractive to us humans, it also makes it irresistible to clothes moths. There is nothing worse than taking out one of your precious cashmere sweaters to find it damaged and full of holes.

Total Wardrobe Care's Cashmere Storage Bags are the perfect way to store your fine sweaters to keep them at their very best.


Our beautiful Cashmere Storage Bag is made of crisp white washable cotton with a pretty organdie window so you can easily see what’s inside. Protect your fine sweaters from moth damage and store them conveniently all year round.


Perfect for 2 cashmere knits or 1 big cosy one, our Cashmere Storage Bag has a zip that goes around two sides to make it super easy for storage.

Make sure your knits are perfectly clean before storage as moths can land on your once-worn knitwear and lay their eggs. Hand wash your knits during the season, but before you put them away for any length of time dry cleaning is advised to ensure that the garments are perfectly clean.


The organdie window allows you to check what’s inside, just unzip the bag and take out your chosen cashmere garment without disturbing the others.

Ideal for travelling the bag is easy to pack and protects your precious cashmere, keeping it looking fresh while you are on the move.


Each cashmere storage bag: 32 x 27 x 6cm

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

Cashmere should be carefully folded and kept in a drawer or a shelf inside your wardrobe. Our storage bags will keep your cashmere safe from rubbing against harsh materials and from pesky moths.

If you prefer to, you can hang cashmere jumpers on your rail with our perfectly sized rubber hangers. These make sure it stays in a perfect shape. Make sure the moths stay away with our hanging sachets which you place every 50cm on your rail.

Keeping your garments clean is good practice along with placing anti-moth sachets between folded garments before putting them away. You could place a sachet in our cashmere storage bags so keep moths away from the lovely material.

We do not recommend storing cashmere in plastic bags as, especially during summer, temperature changes can affect the garments. Plastic can also warp your clothing and cause damage. Our Cashmere Garment Bags preserve cashmere's shape and softness.

keeping those pests at bay


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