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Moth trap box placed underneath table with stack of Vouge magazines on topMoth box positioned standing with product branding in full light
Moth Box
Sale price£10.00
Pink and white packaging for Moth Box refills which contain twoReverse of Moth Box refill packaging on white background
Moth Box Refills
Sale price£14.00
Bottle of Chrysanthemum moth spray beside marble, salmon effect vaseBottle of Chrysanthemum moth killer spray beside orange glass vase and heart shaped plants to side
Open moth decoy packaging with moth decoy insideStanding moth decoy packaging with new branding to front
Moth Decoy
Sale price£18.00
Total Wardrobe Care moth box and moth decoy placed on fabric stoolAnnual subscription image of Moth Decoy and Moth Box side by side on white background
Moth Box & Moth Decoy Duo
Sale price£28.00
Save £11.00
Moth busting kit containing Moth Box, Moth Decoy, Hanging Sachets and Chrysanthemum moth sprayLayout of all products within the moth busting kit containing Hanging Sachets, Chrysanthemum moth killer spray, Moth Box and Moth Decoy
Moth Busting Kit
Sale price£70.00 Regular price£81.00
Save £12.00
Knitwear and t-shirt storage bag beside hanging sachets, drawer sachets and closed moth boxRange of products from moth box, hanging sachets, drawer sachets and storage bags
Anti-Moth Starter Pack
Sale price£40.00 Regular price£52.00
Save £12.00
Moth DIY KitMoth DIY Kit
Moth DIY Kit
Sale price£65.00 Regular price£77.00

Backed by Science

Environmentally Friendly Moth Traps & Treatments

Looking for effective anti-clothes moth products? Our range of moth traps, boxes and treatments are backed by science to kill or deter moths in an environmentally friendly way. Say no more to harsh chemicals with our blend of natural scents and bon voyage to those pesky clothes moths.

Our moth traps attract and kills moths, stopping the breeding cycle. Whilst our moth killer spray kills existing moths, putting a stop to their clothes-munching antics. Combining these moths’ treatments is the perfect long term pest control solution. On the other hand, a moth decoy is a brilliant option to confuse moths and break the breeding cycle without killing them.

Shop our range of expertly crafted moth treatments and keep your home moth free.