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Slightly unraveled acid-free tissue paper on grey marble surface with goblet filled with twig of cherry blossomFolded acid-free tissue paper roll on pure white background
Acid-Free Tissue Paper
Sale priceFrom £10.00
Large and small Laundry Liquid aluminium containers beside sample sachet on wooden side boardTotal Wardrobe Care Laundry Liquid range on white background
Laundry Liquid
Sale priceFrom £12.00
Knitwear pill comb on cashmere clothingBlack knitwear pill comb on white background
Knitwear Comb
Sale price£6.00
Small spray bottle of Total Wardrobe Care floral ironing water beside floral garment on white marble surfaceBottle of floral ironing water with spray trigger on pure white background
Floral Ironing Water
Sale price£10.00
Open netted lingerie wash bag on textured bedspreadNetted Lingerie Wash Bag open on white background
Lingerie Wash Bag
Sale price£4.00
Sewing KitSewing Kit
Sewing Kit
Sale price£6.00
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Cashmere Care KitCashmere Care Kit
Cashmere Care Kit
Sale price£40.00 Regular price£48.00

Garment Care Products

Care for your Garments with our Care Products

Take care of your garments with our clothing care products. Gently wash your clothes with our delicate and natural wash range. Carefully remove pills of fuzz with our delicate knitwear comb. Fold all of your clothes perfectly with our folding palettes. Use these products combined to give your clothes the ultimate care each piece deserves.

Your clothes tell your story and show your personality to everyone, why wouldn’t you want to show your appreciation? Shop our care collection.