Give Your Wardrobe The Boutique Look

Imagine opening your wardrobe and having everything organised and beautifully co-ordinated like a luxury boutique. Our fabulous range of co-ordinating clothing storage solutions now means that that luxury boutique look can now become a reality. 

Our clothing storage products not only look great but have an important role in protecting your clothes and accessories from the dreaded clothes moths. Clothes moths love natural material (their favourite meals are wool, cashmere, silk & leather), so it’s important to keep those items protected.  

Fabric Storage Boxes

Our fabric storage boxes are made to fit perfectly on a wardrobe shelf, so there is no wasted precious wardrobe space.  These storage boxes can be used to store shoe boxes, clothes, your wedding dress, or accessories. Each box has a description card so you can quickly identify the contents.

Rubber Hangers

Often overlooked, the humble clothes hanger has an important role in keeping your clothes is perfect condition. We recommend rubber hangers for their non-slip quality and our rubber hangers have the perfect shape to protect the shape of your garments. Add hanger extensions and cleverly increase your hanging space! 

Garment Bags

Protect your precious hanging clothes with our cotton garment bags or our non-woven garment bags which come in different sizes. Our garment bags have a unique Velcro fastening which closes the gap around the hanger to stop moths getting in.

Co-ordinate your shelves and protect your clothes with knitwear & t-shirt storage bags and cashmere storage bags.

Heading on holiday? Take your boutique look with you, with our beautiful travel packing cubes which help keep your suitcase organised and clothes in perfect condition.