If you’re researching how to store your clothes properly or to organise your wardrobe, we’ve provided some great information and guides below. Whether you’re looking at your current wardrobe or putting away a summer or winter wardrobe there is expert information below!

A full wardrobe of colour coordinated garments hanging from reds to greens to blues


It’s so important to keep your wardrobe, clothing storage and home organised and well kept. Organising and sorting your clothing and accessories is something that doesn’t take too long, and when it has been done properly, you will feel a great sense of achievement. It will also help deter moths away from your clothes and home, in order for your possessions to stay intact and in the best condition they can be, for much longer.

Below, we have given you our top tips to make this process easy for you to follow, in order for your wardrobe, clothes and home to be the best they can be.

1. THE BIG TURNOUT – Use the end of the season to have a cull. Go through your winter woollies, suits coats and dresses, are you sure you want to see them all next October?! Be ruthless. When was the last time you wore it? Swap it with friends or sell on eBay. Remember, 2 new things in = 2 old things out.

2. CLEAN ALL YOUR GARMENTS - 2 options: wash or dry-clean. Make sure any garment to be stored away for the season is clean. Stains oxidise and moths love hair, skin and food particles, do not feed them!

3. SPRING CLEAN YOUR WARDROBE - Light some candles, throw the windows open and take everything out of your wardrobe and wash, dust and vacuum. Try our gorgeous Natural Anti-Moth Linen Spray which has been specially formulated to protect your garments from moths and keep your wardrobes fresh.

4. PROTECT FROM MOTHS - Refresh out of date anti-moth products, throw them away if they have been in the wardrobe more than a year and replace your sachets. Try the Pheromone Moth Trap, which catches the boys and the Moth Decoy which stops the mating game!

5. REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE - If any buttons have fallen off, zips have broken, hems have fallen down or clothes have grown too big or too small take them to be altered and repaired. Don’t leave anything in the wardrobe that needs something doing to it, chances are it will not be worn.

6. STORAGE - Pack clothes away in a breathable bag or box, in Acid-Free Tissue or an old pillowcase or wrapped in a sheet. Don’t leave in plastic or exposed to sunlight.

7. ACCESSORIES - Its easy to be focussed on your clothes, but don't forget your accessories. Add your out of season accessories into storage boxes. Some of your smaller accessories (woollen hats, gloves, scarves) can be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and popped into a breathable fabric shoe box, remembering to add a moth repelling drawer sachet to keep moths at bay.

8. HANGERS - Get the right hangers for the job. With all the same hangers your wardrobe will look like a boutique, and if all the garments are level, they are a lot easier to see. Try the Rubber Non-Slip Hanger!

9. SHOES & BOOTS - Polish and clean all of your shoes and boots. Take them to the menders and put the boot trees, Shoe Trees and shoe puffs in to help keep their shape.

10. STYLE - Get your best friend in or employ the services of a stylist to update your existing wardrobe. A fresh eye will put different items together for a fresh look.


General wardrobe maintenance includes cleaning your wardrobe regularly to clear dust as moths love dust. Refresh your hanging sachets, spray your cedar balls and add new anti-moth essential oil to your diffuser.

With clothes, try one in, one out policy. As soon as you purchase a new clothing item, throw out an old piece you don’t wear often. This maximises your wardrobe space and means you only keep the pieces you love.


Sometimes the storage in your house just won’t cut it and you’re going to need more space. Our sister company, Total Wardrobe Storage, is the perfect solution for safe storage of your best garments. 



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