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Unzipped Knitwear Storage Bag With Grey Wool Jumper inside and a drawer sachet sitting on top on jumper. The knitwear bag is placed on a elegant chair | Total Wardrobe CareWhite Knitwear Storage Bag Half Unzipped With Clear Sides Showing A Couple Of Wool Jumpers Inside
Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag
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Non-Woven Garment Storage BagNon-Woven Garment Storage Bag
Non-Woven Garment Storage Bag
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White Cotton Garment Storage BagWhite Cotton Garment Storage Bag
White Cotton Garment Storage Bag
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Open knitwear bag with 2 folded cashmere jumpers and anti-moth sticker on top with cherry blossoms surroundingKnitwear and t-shirt storage bag on white background with black tassel
Cashmere Storage Bag
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Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags side by side on textured bedspread containing garments2 Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags with black ribbon on the zips
Stacked travel packing cubes on wooden tableTotal Wardrobe Care travel packing cubes in branded packaging
Travel Packing Cubes
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Storage Description CardsStorage Description Cards
Storage Description Cards
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Knitwear Storage

Care for your Cashmere and Knitwear

Our range of moth proof garment storage bags and knitwear bags is the perfect solution for storing away your garments and keeping them moth-free. Moths can easily get into wardrobes through gaps in the wood, so an extra layer of protection is ideal. Purchasing our garment bags is the perfect solution to keeping your prized clothing pieces safe from moth eggs and larvae.

How do I keep moths out of my clothes storage?

Clothes need to be stored in tightly sealed garment bags to avoid moths getting at them. All of our anti moth garment bags have a Velcro fastening around the neck of the hanger to stop moths and dust from getting inside the bag, so you know they’re secure. Our knitwear bags and cashmere bags have a zip that completely tucks in, so there’s no chance of any moths getting in. Add our clear name tags so you can find your favourite outfits much more quicker.

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