When it comes to getting rid of moths, prevention is better than cure and here at Total Wardrobe Care, we want to help you become moth free for good! The severity of your clothes moth problem will ultimately determine what you need to do, but with any level of infestation and with any type of pest, using a range of methods in combination is much more effective than just doing one thing on its own.

To get rid of moths in your wardrobe or room you will need to follow the steps below:

1. DEEP CLEAN THE AREA - Use soap and water to wipe down surfaces and thoroughly vacuum cracks and crevices.

2. USE A NATURAL MOTH KILLER - This will safely remove any larvae and eggs that might still be present. Try our Chrysanthemum Killer Moth Spray. 

3. STORE CLOTHES CORRECTLY - Ensure you store your clothes in mothproof clothes storage bags.

4. USE A MOTH REPELLENT - Prevent moths from coming back by using moth repelling cedar balls or anti-moth natural essential oils.

5. REPEAT EVERY SEASON - At the change of every season, repeat the steps above and refresh your moth repellent products.

If you have a moth infestation or wish to prevent a past infestation from coming back, follow these simple moth prevention tips to keep your wardrobe free from clothes moths.


Clothes moths are attracted to dark, dusty, undisturbed corners. Therefore, the first step is to give your wardrobe a deep clean. Remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers. Wash what can be washed and dry clean everything else. To be safe, this includes bedding, drapes and curtains which are in the same room.

Vacuum your wardrobe, drawers, carpets, floors and all surrounding areas thoroughly. Then wash the inside of the wardrobe and drawers with soap and water.


If you have an ongoing infestation, spray the inside of your wardrobe with Chrysanthemum Killer Moth Spray. This will help kill off any eggs or larvae that may be present. follow the instructions above to ensure that soft furnishings undergoe the full moth treatment

TIP: Steam is also very effective in killing moth larvae. If your home has been troubled with multiple or prolonged moth infestations it may be worth investing in a steamer.

Chrysanthemum moth spray bottle on top of white dresser beside stack of magazines


Moths feed on protein, so keratin which is found in natural fibres, such as cashmere, wool and silk, as well as hair and dust (which is mostly made up of shed skin cells). Protein from food residues on our clothes is also attractive to clothes moths. That is why you should follow strict wardrobe hygiene rules on how to get rid of clothes moths. Do not put dirty or even once worn clothes back in the wardrobe because skin cells or food splats, even small ones that you cannot see could become a food source that will attract moths.

TIP: Clothes moths don’t like the taste of dry-cleaning fluid so if you are storing out of season clothes, dry clean them first.

Storing out of season clothing is a useful way of creating more space for yourself. How you store your clothes is very important. They need to be able to breathe and they need to be kept dust and moth free. Total Wardrobe Care has a selection of popular garment bags including our washable and breathable cotton garment storage bags and our non-woven garment bags. Both these bags have a zip and velcro fastening that completely tucks in, so the moths cannot get in. Avoid storing clothes in plastic as the fabrics need to be able to breathe to prevent mould.

Non-woven garment bag containing textured cashmere jumpers on marble surface

For folded items use a fabric storage box lined in acid-free tissue paper. Don’t store your clothes in an overheated or damp attic, cellar or storage unit. Put your storage box in a spare room, on top of a cupboard or better still, in a clean cupboard with a firmly shut door. Make sure all your clothes are stored away clean for full moth protection!

TIP: Cashmere, wool and silk are not only delicate fabrics, but are moth favourites. Keep them stored in either our knitwear & t-shirt storage bag or cashmere storage bag for complete peace of mind.


Once you have cleaned both your clothes and wardrobes you need to prevent adult moths from returning. You can do this by using natural anti-moth repellents. Unlike traditional moth balls, the aromas which are unpalatable to clothes moth are very pleasant and safe to humans.

Total wardrobe Care has researched natural ingredients used by ancient civilisations to repel moths and combined them to make two sumptuous and effective blends; The May Chang blend which takes you on a sumptuous dance in a meadow. The Vetivert blend which gives it a slightly more citrus note.

These blends are available in a range of anti-moth sachets & drawer linerssprays, oils & diffusers. We also have a range of the best moth repelling cedarwood products.

Loose cedarwood moth balls with open fabric bag containing more cedar balls


At the change of every season, repeat the steps above and replenish your moth repellent products. An important part of successful moth prevention is vigilance so use this opportunity to inspect your clothes for holes caused by moth eggs and larvae. If you do find anything suspicious it’s more likely that you will have caught any potential infestation before it’s had time to proliferate.

For continuous monitoring and greater peace of mind, consider the moth trap box. The box consists of a sticky board, coated in glue that has been infused with the female clothes moth pheromone. The glue board attracts and kills the male clothes moths, providing an early warning of an infestation and an idea of the infestation level. If you catch one or two moths a week you are unlikely to have a bad infestation but if the box fills up in the space of one or two week's then you must take action and carry out the steps above. (Please note: The Moth box is designed to be placed in a room and not inside the wardrobe). 

The sticky board will need to be replaced every 12 weeks, you can purchase moth box refills here. 

Once you have got rid of those moths in your wardrobe you can prevent future infestations by using our Moth Decoy.


For further tips and advice on getting rid of clothes moths, head to our blogs or contact us, we love talking about clothes moths! 

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