With a degree in fashion design and highly skilled in the art of tailoring, Julia Dee, founder of Total Wardrobe Care, knows just about everything there is to know about caring for clothes.  


Her first tailoring and alterations business based in London quickly grew an illustrious, international client base. As well as tailoring and altering high end designer fashion, Julia rapidly became an agony aunt for clothes care conundrums as her clients repeatedly asked for advice on how to store irreplaceable garments, keep them fresh, in shape, and most importantly protect them from clothes moths.

Julia could easily provide advice on how to store clothes well, but finding suitable products to help was near impossible so she began to source her own. What started as a side project for her tailoring clients quickly developed into an exclusive range of her own clothes care products from storage solutions made from breathable fabrics which prevent the development of mould to a selection of coat hangers specifically shaped to provide the right kind of support for various garment styles and fabrics.

Questions about clothes moths proved to be more difficult to answer with solutions seemingly limited to acrid chemical moth balls which are now well known to be highly toxic. So, what started out as a brief dip in to the topic of entomology became a 20 year quest to develop a range of luxury clothes care products which are kind to fabrics, humans and the environment and work in harmony to protect clothes from clothes moths.


Julia’s research into natural moth repellents drew her into the world of essential oils. Historically, plants such as Lavender, Rosemary and Cedar to name just few have been used by ancient civilisations to control insect pests. Modern science has since revealed terpenes as the chemical compounds within these plants which have a repelling effect on various insects including clothes moths, so she set about creating a bespoke range of anti-moth fragrances based on plants typically used in this way. Armed with a select list of essentials oils, Julia enlisted the skills of a professional perfumier and aromatherapist based in the New Forest and the May Chang blend was born.

The first of Total Wardrobe Care’s anti-moth fragrance collection, the May Chang blend remains the cornerstone of its unique range. A combination of May Chang, Lavender, Laurel, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Thyme, Rosemary & Clove Bud produce a sweet citrussy aroma which remains its most popular scent today.

The collection also includes the sweet, deep, woody Vetivert blend and woody, citrussy Cedarwood blend.

All three blends are available in a variety of formats including sprays, scented sachets and essential oils which can be used to refresh other products in the collection.


Julia learned that using as many different tools together to combat clothes moth is better than doing just one thing so as her research continued, the Total Wardrobe Care natural anti-moth toolkit expanded to include chrysanthemum extract and clothes moth pheromones.

The Chrysanthemum Moth Spray is delicately fragranced with the May Chang blend and employs the power of natural pyrethrum extracted from the yellow centre of the Chrysanthemum flower, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium.  Sourced from sustainable Chrysanthmum growers in Kenya, this natural ingredient kills adult moths, larvae and eggs on contact and is a great first tool for heavy moth infestations. 

Pheromones are chemical signals which enable communication between members of the same species. Female moths release a pheromone to attract mates, the pheromone is specific to the species. Many insect pheromones have been replicated synthetically and are used today in organic food production and farming in place of pesticides. They disrupt insect mating cycles to reduce moth numbers, protect produce and happily, this technique is available for clothes moth.

Used in 2 ways, the bestselling Moth Box employs the clothes moth pheromone to attract male moths to a sticky glue board which takes them out of the mating cycle and provides a great monitoring tool. The ground breaking Decoy, uses a natural wax powder infused with the pheromone to attract and stick to male moths, disseminating the powder through out the male population, it overwhelms their pheromone sensors and prevents them from mating. 

Designed for long term placement, these products are amazingly simple to use, require little effort and work constantly in the background to reduce mating, egg laying and subsequent damage by larvae.


Julia’s anti-moth tool kit comprises a unique collection of natural products which can be used together in multiple combinations to get rid of clothes moths, protect clothes and keep them fresh and free from damage. She has made it her life's work to source and build a selection of natural clothes care products and her quest is by no means over. The joy of helping thousands of clients beat clothes moth for good means she is always on the hunt for new tools and techniques. 


Our work to choose the best natural scents which deter moths serves as the perfect foundation for Total Wardrobe Care’s ethos. We are committed to always using all-natural ingredients over harsh chemicals that cause environmental damage. This commitment stretches to all of our products wherever possible. From avoiding the use of palm oil, due to the method of sourcing this ingredient, to using materials that can be recycled or reused, sustainability is important to us. For products that are not yet made from fully sustainable materials, we are constantly researching how to update these products in line with other products.


When choosing Total Wardrobe Care you are supporting a small British business built from the ground up. Behind the checkout screen are real people celebrating a new order by handling and packaging our products with thought and care.

Our products are chosen for their natural properties and distributed to homes across the UK. We care for our customers’ wardrobes and important garments like they are our own. All of our clothing and moth prevention knowledge is poured into our products, so you just have to order and set them up in your space.


Browse our collection of thoroughly researched and expertly crafted anti-moth products and wardrobe care essentials. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email info@totalwardrobecare.com. We are here to solve all of your wardrobe care conundrums.