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Open moth decoy packaging with moth decoy insideMoth Decoy
Moth Decoy
Sale price£18.00
Moth Box & Moth Decoy DuoMoth Box & Moth Decoy Duo
Moth Box & Moth Decoy Duo
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Disrupt The Moth Breeding Cycle With The Moth Decoy

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Are you fed up with taking out your favourite sweater only to find it ruined by moths? Have you had enough of your clothes being eaten by hungry moth larvae while you think they are stored away safely out of harm’s way?

Take control with the moth decoy: a powerful weapon in the fight against clothes moths. Our moth decoy is non-lethal- it only causes moths to become confused, disrupting the breeding cycle. This is the perfect product for those who don’t want to cause harm to moths but still get rid of them effectively.

A subscription to the moth decoy is an investment that will not only help address the problem of moths, but also give you peace of mind that you are guarding your clothes and fabrics against damage, with the latest advance in the science of moth protection.

Choose an environmentally conscious option for ridding moths, our Moth decoy simultaneously reduces harm to wildlife, extends the life of your clothes, and allows you to recycle the materials after.