Do You Have Carpet or Clothes Moths?

To find out if you have clothes moths you need to place some of our Moth Box traps under your furniture (not inside your wardrobe) and depending on how quickly the box fills up this will determine how bad your moth infestation is.  

 To treat a moth infestation,
we recommend you clean thoroughly all furniture, soft furnishings &
carpets.  After cleaning, use our killer Chrysanthemum Moth Spray to kill all moths in the room.  Our Moth Repelling DIY kit is a great place
to start in your fight against the clothes moth. 

Moth Repellent & Prevention

It is moth larvae that damages your clothing, we can interrupt the clothes moth lifecycle with our Moth Decoy which confuses the male moths,
therefore reduces the number of moths without killing them.  

There are essential oils which have great moth repelling properties, Total Wardrobe Care have created three beautiful fragrances from these blends; May Chang, Vetivert and Cedarwood.  These fragrances have been added to hanging sachets,
drawer sachets, drawer liners,
pot pourri, wax melts, sprays, oils and diffusers. We also have a range moth repelling solid cedarwood products.