Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger

Rubber Non-Slip Hanger

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Rubber Non-Slip Hanger

Pack of 4

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You want to keep your clothes looking their best, so it makes sense to invest in the right hangers for each different-shaped garment. Clothes that are well-supported on the right hangers look better and last longer.


Using these hangers will mean you won't have any awkward misshaping within your garments, which is what happens with most standard hangers. This is due to their soft curvature within the hanger itself, providing a gentle arch in order to hang your clothing in the best way. 

This Non-Slip Rubber Hanger is designed to keep t-shirts and knitwear in perfect shape. Camisoles and strappy dresses stay put, and shirts and blouses stay in place without becoming lopsided with creased collars.

These hangers are surprisingly narrow, allowing you to fit more in your wardrobe, which means they are a complete space saver. They come in a handy set of 4. 

You can also find our Non-Slip Rubber Hanger with Clips.


Each Hanger: 38 x 1cm

Set of 4

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

The general rule we recommend is 16 per foot of wardrobe space. It's best not squeeze too many clothing items into your wardrobe although it can tempting. Try our space saving hanger extensions to give you extra space.

Yes you can hang almost all garments. Our hangers have been specially designed at 38cm length, to keep t-shirts and knits in perfect shape.

If you hang your cashmere on rails during the winter whilst you are using them, it is much easier to protect them from moths. Once a day, you can quickly move the hangers up and down the rail. Clothes moths don't go where there is disturbance. You can also hang our anti-moth Hanging Sachets in between your cashmere which deters the female moth from laying her eggs.

Our Rubber Non Slip Hangers have a slim design to allow more to fit in your wardrobe. They measure 38cm which is the perfect fit for t-shirts and knits to hang beautifully. You can add extensions and hanger stays or try our Hangers with Clips for trousers and skirts.

keeping those pests at bay


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