Anti moth care package containing anti moth products such as the moth box and cashmere storage bag
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Folded kilt beside kilt care kit box with range of anti-moth products lined on top
Total Wardrobe Care gift set with cedar hanging blocks, anti moth sachets and moth box
Front view of the kilt care kit
Anti moth kilt protection with tartan kilt beside open box displaying range of anti-moth products
Kilt care kit box below open white clothing care bag
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Kilt Care Kit

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Kilt Care Kit

Total Wardrobe Care

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Protect your Highlandwear from clothes moths with our ultimate Kilt Care Kit.

If you're someone who owns a kilt and aren't sure how to store it, then this is the product for you. 

Not only can you store your kilts and accessories, but our kit will also help you to prevent it against moths. With natural deterrents full of essential oils from our Cedarwood Range, this kit is a handy one to have.

Reusable Box Contains:

White Cotton Storage Bag 

Perfect for storing your Highlandwear, kilt and accessories. This garment bag is designed to keep moths out. With a velcro closure at the top, no moths can find their way in. You can also fit up to 6-8 garments in one bag, due to its 20cm gusset and is machine washable. 

Moth Box

Infused with female moth pheromones, this is the ultimate trap to catch moths in your home. Place somewhere dark and undisturbed such as under a bed or chest of drawers. Check back in a week and see if you have caught anything. 

Cedar Drawer Sachet

Infused with natural essential oils, our sachets are one of our most popular deterrent products. Place 1-2 on every shelf in the wardrobe and 1-2 in every drawer. Don’t forget to replace it every 6 months. Tip: place the drawer sachet in with the storage box and Acid-Free Tissue Paper provided to protect your Highland wear accessories.

Cedar Blocks

A lovely set of 2 Cedar Blocks to hang in your Cotton Garment Bag. These fragrant blocks will help to repel moths from your kilts and accessories and can be refreshed regularly with the Cedar Refresher Spray. 

Cedar Refresher Spray

A handy 10ml bottle full of Cedar goodness, which can be used to refresh both your Drawer Sachet and Cedar Blocks. Simply spritz over every 2-3 months, or when fragrance is fading. 


All of our ingredients come from natural sources and no artificial fragrances, colours or parabens have been used. Made in the New Forest, England by our specialist perfumier.


Woody, earthy & citrusy


The natural oils in Cedarwood contain compounds that repel insects including clothes moths. Historically, Cedarwood chests were built and used to store valuable objects and protect out-of-season clothing and blankets. It was known that Cedarwood deterred insects and moths while keeping material items smelling fresh and fragrant. 


We have new 100% Compostable Packaging! Pop it on your compost or in your food waste bin. Lookout for the new NatureFlex sticker on our Hanging Sachets, Drawer Sachets, Scented Ovals & Drawer Liners. We are really proud to be contributing to saving the environment.

For further reading, check out our blog all about protecting your kilt.

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

This kit will not get rid of moths, but it will help to prevent moths from destroying your Highlandwear. If you need to get rid of moths, we recommend you checking out our Traps & Treatments.

By using the products included in this kit, you will be on the road to protecting your kilt from moths. You need to use moth deterrents to keep moths at bay, plus, a moth trap box to catch moths. All of the products in this kit and on our website help to protect wool, cashmere and silk from moths.

To store your kilt and protect it from moths, we have included one of our Cotton Garment Bags in this kit to ensure you can store all Highlandwear with ease. There is no way for moths to make their way in as it has a Velcro fastening at the top.

We recommend cleaning your kilt with our natural eco-delicate Laundry Liquid, which is infused with moth repellant botanicals. Hand wash your kilt before storing away as there will be no food stains, skin particles or hairs left for the clothes moths to munch off of.

keeping those pests at bay


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