Organza bag with cedarwood anti-moth balls with small refresher spray bottle beside packaging
Closed organza bag with cedarwood balls inside and open packaging with refresher spray to centre
Sealed organza bag of cedarwood balls on painted wooden sideboard with refresher spray and white flowers to back ground
Cedar blend refresher spray with 3 cedarwood balls to background on cashmere jumper
Closed organza bag filled with cedarwood balls beside refresher spray on top of tweed jacket
Cedarwood anti-moth balls in open organza bag with refresher spray beside resting on cashmere jumper
Open refresher spray packaging with organza bag of cedarwood balls beside green plant
Closed organza bag with cedarwood anti-moth balls on pure white background
Canada red cedar balls moth repellant streaming from open organza bag

Canada Red Cedar Balls & Refresher Spray

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Canada Red Cedar Balls & Refresher Spray

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Combine our Canada Red Cedar Balls & Refresher Spray for the perfect burst of freshness in your wardrobe.


We love our Cedar products. Cedarwood gives off a wonderfully uplifting, spicy, woody aroma that fills your home and wardrobe instantly. It is also an amazing natural repellent that is perfect for moth prevention. The aroma of the Cedarwood has natural moth-repellent properties while making your drawers, wardrobe, and clothing smell forest fresh.

Total Wardrobe Care's Cedar Balls are a completely natural and safe alternative to using Moth Balls which contain toxic chemicals which can be harmful to humans and pets. We are delighted with the feedback from our customers telling us about the remarkable anti-moth results they have experienced.


The natural oils in Cedarwood contain compounds that repel insects including clothes moths. Historically, Cedarwood chests were built and used to store valuable objects and protect out-of-season clothing and blankets. It was known that Cedarwood deterred insects and moths while keeping material items smelling fresh and fragrant.


Place the balls in drawers amongst your clothing, hang them in your coat cupboard or put them in your coat pockets. Beautifully packaged in a transparent organza drawstring bag, our Cedar Balls come in a pack of 20. These perfect packages of fragrance heaven are great to give to someone special as a small gesture or stocking filler. Refresh your Cedar Balls with our Natural Cedar Blend Refresher Spray every 3 months or sand them lightly with sandpaper to renew the aroma.


The Natural Cedar Blend Refresher Spray is a careful blend of natural ingredients including Red Atlas Cedar, the uplifting fragrances of Fir, Lemongrass, May Chang, Rosemary, Thyme & Clove Bud. All of our ingredients are from natural sources. No artificial fragrances, colours, or parabens are used.


Spray the Cedar Blend Refresher Spray directly onto Cedarwood to give a protecting fragrance. Refresh your Cedar Balls, Shoe Trees, Cedar Blocks, drawers, and cupboards. Use every 2-3 months.

Need more information about moth prevention? For more tips on maintaining a moth-free wardrobe please visit our Experts' Hints & Tips Page.


Canada Red Cedar Balls: 12cm x 9cm bag (20 Cedar Balls per bag)
Cedar Blend Refresher Spray: 10ml

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

Red cedar has a rich, forest fresh pine smell. It has been used for centuries to repel insects. Natural products are the best way to repel clothes moths.

Mothballs are known to contain toxic chemicals which can be harmful to humans and pets. We are passionate about producing high quality, risk-free anti-moth products for your home. Our cedar balls are a completely natural and safe alternative to using mothballs.

We recommend placing 2-5 cedar balls in your wardrobe or drawers. This is optimal to create a strong smell which will put the moths off. Our pack of 20 is perfect to use in multiple rooms or clothes storage areas.

The spherical shape encourages the woody scent being released and allows for multiple Cedarwood balls to be placed together.

keeping those pests at bay


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