Total Wardrobe Care’s Anti-Moth Product Range draws upon a number of approaches to keep the wardrobe beautifully fresh, fragrant and moth-free. The range is the culmination of 20 years of research, exploration and experimentation by Julia Dee, Founder of Total Wardrobe Care. The fragrance collection consists of a set of bespoke natural fragrances which scent wardrobes and rooms with a fresh, natural aroma and repel clothes moth.


Julia is a tailor by trade but after she found herself constantly restoring clients precious garments from clothes moth damage, she also became a clothes moth expert. There was no point in mending clothes that were going to go straight back into infested wardrobes, so Julia took it upon herself to find out How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths and prevent them from coming back. What was at first a necessity quickly became a labour of love and Julia combined her tailoring work with consulting clients on how to get rid of moths for good while at the same time sourcing kind, natural products which would do the job.


Clothes moths have always lived alongside humans. They feed on a protein, keratin which is present in natural fibres such as hair and skin so the use of natural fibres such as fur, wool and leather provides an abundant food source for them. Keratin is also present in sweat and other bodily secretions so the more natural fibres are worn, the more attractive they become to clothes moths. Julia set about researching how different cultures dealt with clothes moth before the development of synthetic chemicals and the use of fragrant, locally sourced plants to repel clothes moths was a recurring theme. For example, the Romans scattered lavender throughout their bed linen and used Laurel leaves in crowns to ward off pests. The Ancient Egyptians incorporated herbs into their mummification rituals to keep insects away.  More recently, Patchouli was used by silk traders in the 18th and 19th century to prevent moths from laying eggs on their merchandise.


 Julia turned to essential oils to naturally repel clothes moths. Essential oils are distilled down from plant material and consist of the concentrated components of the fragrant ingredients. After considerable research, Julia identified eight key essential oils which could each be used to repel clothes moths. These were Lavender, Laurel and Patchouli as mentioned above, May Chang, which has a fragrant lemon grass scent and is native to China and parts of South East Asia. Virginian Cedarwood, a century old fragrance that is one of the most powerful natural ingredients for deterring moths and other insects. Thyme, a powerful immune booster which has traditionally been used to relieve colds, coughs, tonsillitis, and for relieving muscle aches and pains as well as repelling moths from clothes and wardrobes. Rosemary, another medicinal herb that is also a great insect repellent and Clove Bud, a spice that has anti-fungal, analgesic and antiseptic properties in conjunction with being an insect repellent.


Julia wanted to offer an alternative to traditional chemicals especially old fashioned moth balls which contain dangerous ingredients and permeate clothes and wardrobes with an unpleasant, pungent aroma. Her goal was to create quite the opposite, a bespoke fragrance unique to Total Wardrobe Care, made of natural ingredients which would act as a beautiful scent as well as have the very practical purpose of repelling clothes moths. Creating scented blends is a highly technical business. Individual fragrances provide top, heart or base notes according to their molecule size. This also effects the longevity of their aroma and how quickly or slowly the nose picks up the scent, so Julia sought the expertise of a qualified perfumier and aromatherapist situated in the New Forest National Park. The first scent was christened the May Chang Blend. It’s sweet, zesty aroma with a hint of spice quickly became a hit with customers and remains the most popular scent to date.


Today, Total Wardrobe Care offer a wide range of bespoke scents and scented products, all made of organically grown ingredients,  sourced and blended in the New Forest. The May Chang Blend is available in a wonderful selection of scented products from a long lasting, traditionally crafted Pot-Pourri, Scented Sachets for drawers and wardrobes, Luxury Drawer Liners, Sprays, Oils & Diffusers as well as a gentle Laundry Liquid for delicates.

The Vetivert Blend, Total Wardrobe Care’s second bespoke fragrance consists of Vetivert, Lavender, Cedarwood, May Chang, Rosemary, Thyme, Clove Bud & Laurel which combine to give a sweet, deep, woody aroma with smoky, earthy notes. Is is available in as a spraydrawer and wardrobe sachets.

The Cedarwood Blend consists of Cedarwood, Lemongrass, May Chang, Fir, Thyme, Rosemary & Clove Bud to provide an uplifting, woody scent with a citrus note. As well as a spray and scented sachets, this range also includes luxury Cedarwood Balls, Hangers & Shoe Trees. Total Wardrobe Care’s unique range will not only provide protection from moths but will also bring a fresh fragrance to your garments and wardrobe using all natural ingredients.