Wooden Diffuser
Wooden Diffuser
Wooden Diffuser

Wooden Diffuser

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Wooden Diffuser

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Deep in the dark spaces of your wardrobe female moths look for an undisturbed place with a food source and moisture to lay their eggs. We always recommend to customers that they include anti-moth prevention treatments and products as part of a seasonal routine.

This will not only keep your wardrobe smelling wonderful and fresh but will deter clothes moths from choosing your wardrobe as their new home. If you are already experiencing a moth infestation it is important to stop the moth cycle in its tracks, you can do this by combining our natural Anti-Moth Essential Oil & Wooden Diffuser.


This beautiful wooden container with our diffuser stick is a great way of using our essential oil.

To use, simply start by unscrewing the cap of the essential oil and push the diffuser’s wooden stick and ball through the special hole in the neck of the essential oil bottle. Once you have done this the wood of the diffuser stick will start to absorb the oil, omitting the glorious aroma of our oil’s signature blend almost instantly.

Then, after carefully placing the essential oil bottle into the wooden container, it is ready to be put in your wardrobe to work its magic.

The diffuser can be hung in the wardrobe around the neck of a coat hanger or on door handles using the red string attached. If you have no place to hang the diffuser you can also stick it anywhere in your wardrobe by using the velcro stick patch on the back of the product.

It is important to keep your clothing out of direct contact with the diffuser to avoid possible staining.


Our Wooden Diffuser may appear small, but it is mighty. Paired with our Natural Anti-Moth Essential Oil - May Chang Blend you will only need one of our diffusers to effectively treat a double wardrobe. The fragrance lasts up to 6 months, warding off moths with a scent you love but they hate!


Do you know someone struggling with a clothes moth nightmare or want to help someone before a clothes moth disaster strikes their wardrobe? If so, our diffusers make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for someone special, whether it is a small housewarming gift or a stocking filler, it is something that will be of great value to any home.

You can diffuse the wonderful scent of our essential oil in your wardrobe and around your room while making a saving when purchasing as part of the Essential Oil & Wooden Diffuser Cup Gift Set

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7 x 3cm

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

You use the wooden diffuser with an essential oil bottle. You unscrew the bottle top, pop the stick into the bottle and then put it into the wooden cup. The essential oil will slowly diffuse up the stick, which then lets the fragrance gently waft through your wardrobe.

The wooden diffuser comes with a handy hanging loop which you can either put around a hanger or over your rail. It also has a velcro fastening on the back.

If you open a new bottle of essential oil, you should expect it to last for 6-12 months inside the diffuser.

As long as the bottle cannot spill over, then it should be safe amongst your clothes, but just be careful that the wooden ball does not touch any clothing.

keeping those pests at bay


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