Chrysanthemum moth spray 250ml


At last, an environmental friendly solution to the problem of moths within your homes. Our 250ml Chrysanthemum moth spray provides a fresh, fragrant and highly effective alternative to the harsh chemical insecticides on the market.

Instructions for use

  • Wear a mask as although the spray is chemical free, it is still potent.
  • Close windows and doors and draw any curtains, spray around the walls, cracks, under furniture, on carpets, behind curtains and in base of wardrobe.
  • Leave for four hours, any insect will be killed on contact with spray within a few seconds. The spray will carry on working during this time period.
  • After the four hours, open all doors and windows and any remaining spray will evaporate.
  • After a further four hours, the room will then be safe for use.

Made in Germany with Total Wardrobe Care natural essential oils. Chrysanthemum extract sustainably sourced from small independent farms in Kenya. Contains no artificial ingredients, no organo-chlorine pesticides, no synthetic materials, and no harmful synergists such PBOs (piperonyl butoxide) commonly used in other insecticides.

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