Total Wardrobe Care hanging oval hanging from burgundy hanger extension
Single pink and white hanging oval on white background
Pack of 10 hanging ovals lined up along white background
Anti-moth scented oval from reverse view showing ingredients
May chang blend hanging oval hanging from burgundy hanger extension
Scented hanging oval hanging in wardrobe among colourful garments

Hanging Ovals

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Hanging Ovals

Total Wardrobe Care

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A quick and easy way to add a little fragrance to your life while deterring moths, these Hanging Ovals are impregnated with our Natural Anti-Moth Essential Oil.


Place them in your shoes, put them in your drawers, hang them around the neck of your coat hangers, or pop them in your handbag. These handy ovals come in a pack of 10 and have so many uses. Once opened they will last for 3–4 months.


Each Hanging Oval: 10.5 x 8cm

Your Questions


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers.

10 Hanging Ovals are a great product to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh. You can place these ovals around in strategic places to spread the smell around the room.

Hanging Ovals are the best way to quickly promote a new fresh smell in a wardrobe. Place them all around your wardrobe, on hangers, in pockets, or in shoes to spread lovely scents across your clothes.

Our Hanging Ovals are very effective for scenting confined spaces. They may be small but they have strong scent which lasts for a long period. Our Hanging Ovals are a pretty addition to any wardrobe.

Once opened they will last for 3–4 months. Make sure to replace them once they run out. You can recycle the materials after the scent has been lifted.

keeping those pests at bay


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