Pack of 10 storage description cards


Keep track of all your stored garments with these attractive double-sided postcards.

How often have you put your clothes into storage and then had to disturb items carefully cleaned and stored for the season to find some garment you desperately wanted to wear?

These postcards are specifically designed to be used with our storage bags and boxes so that you can easily find any item you have placed in storage.

Keep track

Now you can make sure you know exactly where everything is stored. No more pulling out the wrong box or bag, disturbing the contents. Just list the items on the pretty cards, pop them in the storage bags or on the front of the boxes and you can find anything you need at any time.

Take control

With plenty of space to record the name, date, season and contents our postcards are designed for use with Total Wardrobe Care knitwear bags, storage boxes and garment storage bags


Each card: 15 x 10.5 x 0.3cm


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