Knitwear and t-shirt storage bag


These elegant bags are perfect for storing your knitwear and t-shirts. Easy to stack, they keep your clothes tidily packed away in your drawers or wardrobe until you next need them.

The breathable top allows air to circulate while keeping moths and dust out so that your knitwear and t-shirts stay clean and fresh from season to season.

The perfect solution

These bags are the perfect size for storing clothes. A clever zip with a ribbon pull goes around two sides making it easy to store up to ten fine knits or up to three more chunky ones.

How to use the knitwear and t-shirt storage bag

Using our folding palette you can fold items perfectly before storing in the bag. As you pack away your clothes, make a note of the contents on the description card stored in a clear pocket on the front of the bag. When you need to find an item you can double-check the card or look through the clear side panel to see what’s inside.

The all round storage bag

Our knitwear and t-shirt storage bags are really useful for a whole range of smaller pieces of out-of-season clothing and are great way to organise your belts, bags and accessories.


Each bag: 35 x 30 x 12cm

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