Moth decoy


Is your precious clothing being ruined by moths?

Take control with the moth decoy: a brand new weapon in the fight against clothes moths. The moth decoy will not only help address the problem of moths, but also give you peace of mind that you are guarding your clothes and fabrics against damage with the latest advances in the science of moth protection.

How it works

The moth decoy is a small tablet made of carnauba wax micropowder infused with pheromones of the female moth. As the powder is released in the air it attracts nearby male moths.

When a male moth comes into contact with the electrostatic powder, it sticks to the antennae, blocking the receptors and confusing the moth. Instead of searching for female partners, he spreads the powder far and wide, attracting other males, who then also become confused and stop searching for female moths.

As the moths fail to breed the lifecycle is interrupted. Over time, without any moths being killed, the powder helps to create a reduction in moth numbers.

How to use the moth decoy

  • Place one tablet in each affected room
  • Use in conjunction with moth trap boxes to monitor progress
  • Do not use in a wardrobe or cupboard
  • Avoid locating near extreme air movement such as a door or window
  • Place the tablets no higher than 2 metres from the floor
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Moth boxes should be located at least 5 metres from the moth decoy
  • Replace the moth decoy every 3 months

Say farewell to clothes moths

Designed as part of an integrated approach to moth management, the moth decoy is an exciting addition to Total Wardrobe Care’s comprehensive range of anti-moth products to help you combat the problem of clothes moths in your home.

Widely used in industry and agriculture to counteract damage from insects, the pheromone system has proved highly effective in protecting precious artefacts, vintage clothing and fabrics in historic buildings, theatres, palaces and stately homes across the UK. Watch the recent feature on the BBC’s One Show, ‘What’s Eating the Museum?’.

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