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Unzipped Knitwear Storage Bag With Grey Wool Jumper inside and a drawer sachet sitting on top on jumper. The knitwear bag is placed on a elegant chair | Total Wardrobe CareWhite Knitwear Storage Bag Half Unzipped With Clear Sides Showing A Couple Of Wool Jumpers Inside
Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom £10.00
Non-Woven Garment Storage BagNon-Woven Garment Storage Bag
Non-Woven Garment Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom £8.00
White Cotton Garment Storage BagWhite Cotton Garment Storage Bag
White Cotton Garment Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom £30.00
Open knitwear bag with 2 folded cashmere jumpers and anti-moth sticker on top with cherry blossoms surroundingKnitwear and t-shirt storage bag on white background with black tassel
Cashmere Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom £24.00
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Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags side by side on textured bedspread containing garments2 Knitwear & T-Shirt Storage bags with black ribbon on the zips
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Rubber Non-Slip HangerRubber Non-Slip Hanger
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger
Sale price£11.00
Slightly unraveled acid-free tissue paper on grey marble surface with goblet filled with twig of cherry blossomFolded acid-free tissue paper roll on pure white background
Acid-Free Tissue Paper
Sale priceFrom £10.00
Rubber Non-Slip Hanger with ClipsRubber Non-Slip Hanger with Clips
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Storage BoxStorage Box
Storage Box
Sale priceFrom £25.00

2 colours available

Coat hanger extensions attached to Chinese coat hangers hanging from railHanger extensions in different colours. navy, sage, yellow and burgundy
Hanger Extensions
Sale price£6.00

4 colours available

Black chinese knot hanger with dark red hanger stays supporting a sequin dress8 dark red hanger stays on white background
Chinese Knot Hanger Stays
Sale price£6.00
Storage Description CardsStorage Description Cards
Storage Description Cards
Sale price£6.00
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Shoe BagShoe Bag
Shoe Bag
Sale priceFrom £2.50

2 colours available

Wardrobe Storage

Store Clothes Correctly

Declutter and beautify your wardrobe and drawer space and protect your clothes from moths with everything you need in our clothing storage collection. Easy-to-view knitwear bags and our perfectly shaped hangers are firm favourites.

Why do moths go in wardrobes? Moths are looking for warm, dry places to lay eggs in their breeding cycle. Looking to break the moth cycle? Check out our anti-moth products. How do I protect my clothes from moths? Zipping your favourite pieces into garment bags and storing each piece correctly is the best way to keep moths away from them. Pairing our storage options with our May Chang drawer sachets will give you added peace of mind.

Maximising your wardrobe space and protecting your lovely clothes has never been easier with our clothing storage options.

Shop our range of protective clothing storage options above.