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The nostalgic trend of British countrycore aesthetics has gained popularity in recent years for its rustic charm and wholesome appeal. Stemming from an internet aesthetic idealising rural life, countrycore is a celebration of simplicity, nature, and timeless traditions. This trend captures the essence of a slower pace of living, urging individuals to embrace the beauty of the countryside. 

As we embrace the simplicity and timeless traditions associated with countrycore, it's essential to extend this appreciation to our garments and homes. In this guide, we'll explore how to care for your beloved countrycore pieces, including wool, cashmere, and kilts, and address the subtle threat moths pose to the cosy ambience of country homes and farmhouses. A couple of best selling treatments that help get rid of clothes moths and carpet moths include The Chrysanthemum Spray, The Moth Box and The Moth Decoy. 


British countrycore, also known as farmcore or cottagecore, romanticises the idyllic notion of a simple, nature-centric lifestyle. Originating as a trend within fashion and lifestyle aesthetics, countrycore draws inspiration from rustic, rural living. 

Celebrities like Claudia Winkleman have embraced the countrycore aesthetic, taking the lead with her distinctive style. Known for her chic yet eclectic fashion sense, Claudia has effortlessly incorporated the countrycore aesthetic into her wardrobe. Achieve a dressed-up farmer aesthetic infused with luxury branding and high-quality fabrics by layering knits, donning tweed, wellies, and a substantial coat, mirroring the countryside locations featured in the latest BBC show 'The Traitors.' 


To maintain the impeccable quality of your wool, cashmere, and tartan garments, prioritise proper storage and maintenance. Use breathable garment and knitwear bags to shield against potential moth damage. Our Garment Bags include a Velcro fastening at the top, meaning that no moths can find their way inside, making them really unique. Consider using anti-moth products for an additional layer of defence. This could include The Moth Box to trap moths easily, The Chrysanthemum Spray for quick treatments and our natural moth deterrents, ranging from drawer & hanging sachets to linen sprays and oils adding a pleasant aroma to your stored garments. Storage boxes and non-slip hangers can prevent delicate items from being damaged.

Partially open knitwear storage bag with autumnal coloured garments inside

Exploring the rustic charm of countrycore is not just a style choice, it's a lifestyle that embraces simplicity, nature, and a deeper connection with the countryside. Whether you're transforming your home into a warm haven or updating your wardrobe, this aesthetic allows you to appreciate the beauty of a slower, more connected life.  

At Total Wardrobe Care, our clothing care products ensure you give your clothes the ultimate care each piece deserves. From Cashmere Care Kits, and Knitwear Combs, to steamers, our range of clothing care products will ensure your much-loved countrycore garments stay in perfect condition.  

Be ahead of the game with our NEW Kilt Care Kit, the ultimate kit to protect Highlandwear. 

So, care for your British countrycore garments with love and wear them proudly as you navigate the countryside of life. 


Embrace the charming allure of countrycore by updating your wardrobe with clothing that perfectly captures the essence of this aesthetic. Opt for flowy dresses with vintage-inspired patterns and choose earthy colours reminiscent of the dressed-up farmer look. Complete your Countrycore look with accessories like straw hats, leather boots, and cosy scarves, adding a touch of luxury to the rustic charm. 

With inspiration from style icons like Claudia Winkleman and Kate Middleton, who effortlessly incorporate countrycore elements into their fashion styles and have been seen wearing countrycore brands such as Holland Cooper, Brora, and Bella Freud, you can confidently embrace the trend and showcase your sophisticated take on this charming


To achieve the countrycore aesthetic for your home, start by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the rustic charm of the countryside. Use soft, earthy tones for walls and furnishings, and incorporate natural materials like wood and stone to convey authenticity.  

Display vintage and handmade items throughout your living space to capture the essence of dressed-up farmer luxury. If your home lacks the architectural quirks typically associated with British countrycore, such as draughty windows and creaking floorboards, you can still embrace the aesthetic with key pieces like a wrought iron bed frame, wooden furniture and candles. 

Embrace the feel of countrycore with vintage furniture, wool blankets, cushions and throws. Pay special attention to the kitchen, where you can display fresh flowers, homemade bakes, and a pantry transformed into an artful array of jars, apple crates, and neatly folded kitchen linens.


Extend the countrycore aesthetic to your wardrobe and living space by incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and linen. Think about clothing items with rustic buttons and home accessories with stone-inspired textures. By using linen curtains and turning your living space into a cosy retreat, you'll mirror the simplicity and charm of rural life.


Your garden shouldn’t miss out on the British countrycore makeover. To achieve the countrycore aesthetic, seamlessly blend vintage-inspired decor, creating a charming and cosy outdoor space. Embrace the dressed-up farmer aesthetic by incorporating antique furniture and repurposed items, and enhance the natural ambience by scattering wildflowers throughout the garden. Designate a snug corner in your outdoor space, adorned with quilts and cushions, to seamlessly blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. 

You could also incorporate the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of countrycore by actively tending to your garden and cultivating your plants and produce. Whether you have a sprawling garden or just a couple of pots in the kitchen, every small contribution to sustainable culture adds authenticity to the overall countrycore aesthetic.

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