Packing cubes


Set of 3 packing cubes

Bring order to your suitcase with our stylish and practical set of 3 packing cubes.  Designed to organise and protect clothes in transit and keep them in tip top condition.

A tidy suitcase for a stress free traveler

Opening a disheveled and disorganised suitcase, hunting for smalls and finding creased or even damaged clothes is the last thing a tired traveller needs.  Be sure to arrive at your destination, stress free and in style with the help of our genius packing cubes.

Beautifully designed with practicality in mind

Designed to slot snugly together in a carry-on suitcase, each packing cube is made of robust fabric and zip which opens around 3 sides to allow easy access. The lid is made of a lightly transparent mesh enabling a quick view of the contents without having to open the cube. The mesh also enables fabrics to breath which prevents musty smells from developing.

Each set of packing cubes consists of three different sizes:

Large (32cm x 26cm x 7cm) Perfect for tops, knits, dresses, kaftans, sarongs, shorts, trousers and skirts

Medium (25cm x 16cm x 6cm) Great for underwear, bras, pants, sock, tights, nightwear, swimsuits and bikinis

Small (25cm x 10cm x 6cm) Perfect for adaptors, hair accessories, chargers and plugs, medications, belts and sunglasses.

Available as a single set or a set of two. Included is a packing list. A set of two includes a free folding palette

Questions to ask

What’s the weather going to be like?

How long is the trip?

What’s the reason, holiday, relaxing, sightseeing or business?

Packing tips

Create outfits head to toe, from hats and jewellery to socks and shoes.

Try to get several wears out of each garment. Pack comfy shoes as well as pretty, multi-functional outerwear and a small umbrella just in case!

Make sure everything fits and is clean, any holes are mended, and loose buttons or hems are repaired.


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Single set, Pack of 2 sets