Garment storage bag – white cotton – small


We know the importance of effectively storing your clothing. If you have garments that you want to keep looking as good as new for as long as possible, start storing your beloved clothing items in style with Total Wardrobe Care’s white cotton storage bags.

Have no fear, white cotton storage bags are here!

Our wonderful storage bags come in two sizes and are made from 100% washable cotton. All bags have an organdie pocket which holds our specially designed postcard to record the description of the stored garments. This helpful feature is important, as it allows you to quickly identify your items with ease whenever you need them.

Each of our bags hold 6-8 garments saving more space than bagging items individually.

They have a special Velcro fastening, grown-on neck feature which seals the spaces between the necks of each hanger, keeping your garments safe so pesky moths can’t creep in and cause any unwanted damage!

Perfect for out of season storage

Garment bags are perfect for out of season storage; put all your skirts in one bag, your trousers in another. Our super long bag is great for all your evening dresses. These bags are not only going to keep your garments safe, but they are perfect for organising your wardrobe and keeping stock of all your much-loved items.

Product size guide

The white cotton storage bags come in two sizes:

Size: Small bag
Measurement: 100cm, gusset 20cm.
Ideal for skirts and jackets.

Size: Medium bag
Measurement: 135cm, gusset 20cm.
Ideal for trousers, long skirts, coats and macs.

Garment bag information

We highly recommend that all garments going into storage are either dry cleaned or laundered, as moths love dirt and will be attracted to a bag of dirty clothing. Even if the dirt is not visible, moths love food and skin particles. Also stains and marks can get worse over time, especially perfume and deodorant.


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