Do you have to contort yourself into a corner, squashed up against a bed to get the best view on the back of a wardrobe door? Or do you have to stand on a toilet seat to see your feet? Is the mirror about 18 inches wide and you fill all of the mirror?

How many times do you go into a boutique try something on and think, this is a trick mirror which makes you look slim? When clients come into our fitting rooms at The Wardrobe Curator, they say the same - what's the secret, why are your mirrors so flattering, where do you get them from?

Answer: they are BIG!

You get to see yourself in relation to your surroundings, and in relation to other people, this is how you appear to others. Think about it. Is your mirror 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, well lit with natural daylight? Can you stand 4-6 feet back and get a good look at yourself in relation to the room?

Answer: No!

I have been into houses of the rich, fab and famous all over London and I have had the privilege to go into mere mortals' homes as well and it's always the same. It's got nothing to do with money but everything to do with space. I just don't understand why interior decorators and architects repeatedly get it wrong, I understand everyone else but not those who are paid to design the best use of space.

So please treat yourselves. It will cost the best part of £200, depending on how extravagantly you want the frame to be. Buy it 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Try to find a wall where you can stand back to get a good look. Make sure you can see your feet. Also its ideal to have natural daylight behind you. Or good electric light.


If it lays flat against the wall it slightly foreshortens your image and you look as though you are falling into the mirror. The solution is to bring the bottom of the mirror out by 1-2cm at the bottom, you can do this with a wooden baton. I have been known to stuff tissues behind as this is a pet hate!


This is very important and a small hand mirror is just not big enough. If there is space, get a Cheval mirror on wheels - Morplan.com have a good chrome one for £170 (at time of writing). This you can position for a good back view. If space is a problem get a hairdressers back view mirror. These can be bought from hairdressing suppliers for about £10.

Have fun!