Hat and flip-flops on blue towel on sandy beach


Our top tips to staying cool in the heat!
    1. COVER UP - Some people prefer to shed their clothes in the heat, but keep your modesty with long loose clothes in natural fibres. Those living in the hottest countries will often cover themselves from head to toe, which can help to shade the skin and protect the body from the sun.

    2. LESS ACCESSORIES - Wear less accessories during hotter weather. Metallic accessories can heat up considerably and less is always best when it comes to keeping cool.

    3. SOAK AN ITEM OF CLOTHING - Wet t-shirt competitions may not be your style but there are more subtle way to have the same effect. Soak a pair of socks in cold water or else drench a hair band. The water will keep you cool as it slowly evaporates.

    4. WEAR LIGHT COLOURS - Dark colours absorb more heat than light ones, so stay clear of black. Not only is it a depressing colour to wear mid-summer, but it will also make you feel more hot. White, beige and light pastel colours are the best shades to wear to keep your skin cool.

    5. MOISTURISE - Replace your usual body moisturiser with a cooling aloe vera aftersun product to use morning and night. This will help lower your skin temperature.

    6. COTTON - Cotton clothing tends to keep you cool; be careful of synthetics as they can increase heat, although some synthetic clothes are specifically made to reduce heat (check the labels).

    7. WORKOUT WEAR FOR TRAVELLING - Tops made for workouts are usually moisture-wicking, breathable and dry quickly. With all the stylish exercise brands out there, you have plenty of options that will easily blend into your everyday outfits. Try to avoid polyester and look for spandex cotton blends instead.