Season swap bundle **Special offer**


1 x storage box pink
1 x folding palette
1 x 25 sheets acid free tissue paper
1 x May Chang drawer sachet

It’s that time of year again when the summer drifts away, the days are getting shorter and you need to reorganise your wardrobe. Total wardrobe care have the answer. Our season change bundle gives you everything you need to keep your out of season clothes fresh and moth free in storage, until the next time you need them.

Moth free and dust free storage

1 storage box pink
Our specially designed, collapsible, fabric-covered storage box and separate lid can be used to store shoe boxes or shoes, trousers, knits or t-shirts, or a wedding dress. You could also fill it with accessories such as belts, hats, bags or scarves.

25 sheets acid free tissue paper
This tissue is pH neutral and ensures that the dyes in the fabrics do not react with the paper and cause discolouration.

1 folding palette
Our folding palette is the perfect aid for folding your tops and jumpers neatly. When using the palette, all your garments will be folded efficiently and to the same size, so you can achieve that exclusive boutique feel at home!

1 May Chang drawer sachet
May Chang drawer sachets are filled with the same hand-blended recipe of essential oils and should be placed between piles of garments in your shelves and drawers.


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