Pack of 4 May Chang and 4 Vetivert drawer sachets

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A combination pack of 4 Vetivert and 4 May Chang blend natural anti-moth drawer sachets.

Our Vetivert and May Chang drawer sachets are filled with an all-natural recipe of anti-moth essential oils. Hand made in the UK, they will deter moths, protecting and refreshing the clothes in your drawers and shelves for approximately 6 months.

Hand made and natural

Our sachets contain a special blend of delicious smelling natural ingredients: Vetivert/May Chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, clove and thyme.

Once opened, a sachet will release a natural, anti-moth fragrance which will help to protect your clothes for approximately 6 months.

How to use

We suggest using two sachets for a standard size drawer. Simply slide a sachet in between piles of garments every 40-50cm in your drawers or on your shelves.


Each drawer sachet: 10 x 8cm

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