Moth DIY kit: spray, moth decoy, moth box, essential oil and diffuser


At Total Wardrobe Care we believe in the natural way to keep moths at bay.

Our moth DIY kit is a collection of five of our amazing natural moth repellant products, carefully formulated to help control moth problems in your home.

Practical moth solutions

The moth DIY kit is made up of five of our leading moth control products:

  • moth box
  • moth decoy
  • new chrysanthemum spray
  • natural essential oil
  • wooden diffuser

The moth trap box is a moth pheromone trap to help monitor and resolve your moth problem and to give you a better idea of how serious a problem you have with moths. The male moth is attracted to the female pheromone and is trapped in the sticky box, breaking the breeding cycle. Effective for 12 weeks after opening.

The moth decoy is a small tablet made of carnauba wax micropowder infused with pheromones of the female moth. When a male moth comes into contact with the electrostatic powder, it becomes confused. Instead of searching for female partners, he spreads the powder around, attracting other males who then stop searching for female moths. As the moths fail to breed the lifecycle is interrupted.

Our chrysanthemum moth spray is an environmental friendly solution to the problem of moths within your home. The spray provides a fresh, fragrant and highly effective alternative to the harsh chemical insecticides on the market.

Our natural essential oil keeps your wardrobe fragrant and fresh. The ingredients of the hand made oil have traditionally been used as room deodorisers and insect repellents. The oil is made from 100% naturally grown ingredients which include May Chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, thyme and clove bud.

The wooden diffuser can be used with the natural essential oil, hung in your wardrobe or on the back of a door handle or hook and will release the aroma for approximately 4–6 months

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