Folding palette

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Are your jumpers currently flung in the wardrobe? Tops screwed up with creases that not even an iron could fix? If so, it is time to start caring for your knitwear and tops one fold at a time with Total Wardrobe Care’s folding palette.

Fold to perfection

Our folding palette is the perfect aid for folding your tops and jumpers neatly. When using the palette, all your garments will be folded efficiently and to the same size, so you can achieve that exclusive boutique feel at home!

The folding palette brings more than the satisfaction of wardrobe organisation. It might seem easier to throw clothes into a heap on the floor or to fling garments into a pile on the nearest household furnishing. But you will not believe the wonders that perfectly folded laundry can make to your home environment and your clothing items.

If you treat your clothing right and care for your garments properly, they will look great for longer. Neatly folded clothing can also make your busy morning rush less stressful too, as finding your clothes will be simple!

Perfectly packaged

This is a great product to incorporate as part of your own weekly laundry routine and is also a fantastic gift idea. Our folding palette comes perfectly packaged with a black ribbon, and beautifully boxed with our signature pink and white stripe design. This is a practical and stylish gift that will be a useful addition to any household.

Product instructions

Using the folding palette could not be easier! Start by simply placing the 100% acrylic sheeting flat to the back of a garment with the handle hole at the neck. Then fold the item around the palette and gently pull out using the handle. This is a quick and simple way to organise your wardrobe and know that every time you reach for an item it will be ready to wear with neatly folded creases.

Beautifully folded clothes need protecting too! Defend your wonderfully organised wardrobe from moths with our anti-moth products. Why not try our pot pourri cones that sit perfectly in between your neatly folded knitwear? Or you could opt for our Canada red cedar balls that keep your drawers and clothing fresh while deterring moths.


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