Ceramic wardrobe hanging infuser


Our pretty, porous ceramic wardrobe infuser can be used with our natural anti-moth essential oil or one of your own preferred oils. This ceramic wardrobe infuser is designed to fragrantly infuse your wardrobe to help it remain moth-free and aromatically fresh.

Our circular ceramic infuser has our much-loved logo embossed on the front. This product has a delicate silver satin hanging ribbon, and a clear jewel completes the product. The ceramic wardrobe infuser is ideal for making your wardrobe smell and look great. Perfect to give as a delightful small gift, perhaps as part of a housewarming present or stocking filler for someone special.

This product can be purchased individually or can be bought as part of the anti-moth ceramic infuser gift set; this includes three ceramic infusers and a natural anti-moth essential oil, packaged in a clear plastic reusable zipped bag.

Instructions for use

Start by placing a few drops of oil on to the ceramic infuser. Allow the infuser to absorb all the oil before putting it around in the wardrobe. The infuser is safe to be hung near clothes, but it is best to try and keep oil away from having direct contact with garments to avoid staining. The infuser ribbon allows it to hang anywhere; from hooks, coat hangers, door handles, on the back of doors or in and around your wardrobe, keeping it fresh and fragrant.

We advise using three infusers for a double wardrobe, placing one infuser every 15cm between your clothing. We recommend putting new oil onto the infuser every 3 months or as you require. Please be careful when handling this product as it is fragile.


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