Ceramic hanging infuser gift set with cedarwood anti-moth essential oil


Our brand new set of three ceramic wardrobe hanging infusers and one natural anti-moth cedarwood essential oil is the perfect gift set and especially because it keeps your wardrobe smelling fresh, aromatic and moth-free.

Keep the female moth away from your wardrobe and your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant

Hand made from botanical plants from wild crafted, sustainable sources from around the world, our oil contains cedarwood, lemongrass, may chang, fir, thyme, rosemary and clove bud.

How to use the infuser gift set

Carefully place a few drops of the cedarwood essential oil on the porous ceramic infusers and allow to soak in. Then hang them in your wardrobe in between your clothes. Enjoy the refreshing cedarwood fragrance in your wardrobe while the natural anti-moth properties of the oil protect your clothes from moths.

Great for gifts

This set of natural anti-moth cedarwood essential oil and three ceramic infusers comes beautifully packed in a clear plastic zipped bag.


Each infuser: 6cm x 4cm
Essential oil: 10ml

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