Cedarwood shoe trees


Keeping your shoes looking their very best couldn’t be easier with our flexible cedarwood shoe trees. Our shoe trees have narrow toes to keep your shoes in shape, while the absorbent cedarwood helps to pull out moisture and keep them fresh.

The love of cedar

Cedar is a much loved ingredient in our anti-moth range. It is known to deter insects and moths while keeping material items smelling fresh and fragrant. We have chosen cedarwood for our shoe trees to help keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean.

How to use

After wearing, place the flexible shoe trees in your shoes while they are warm. The trees will reshape the toe making sure the creases don’t set in.

Packed in an organza gift bag, our cedarwood shoe trees are a great gift idea.


Each shoe tree: 30 x 7cm


Additional information

Weight0.208 kg

Single pair, Pack of 2 pairs