Cedarwood hanging blocks and essential oil gift set


This is the perfect partnership. Six solid cedarwood blocks with one natural anti moth cedarwood essential oil in a lovely presentation box. Refresh the blocks regularly for an uplifting, forest fresh aroma in your wardrobe which will help to ward off the female moth in search of somewhere to lay her eggs.

A natural deterrent

The oil comes in a 10ml bottle and is made from our cedarwood blend of seven 100% naturally grown ingredients including cedarwood, lemongrass, may chang, fir, rosemary, thyme and clove bud. The fragrance is woody, fresh and citrusy. It is as effective as our may chang signature blend and will help to keep moths away from your favourite garments.

How to use and refresh

Each cedarwood hanging block has been completed with a hanger so that you can easy put in on your rail in your wardrobe. The cedar oil inside the wood emits an earthy, forest fresh fragrance. We recommend that you hang them every 50cm on your rail. To refresh the cedarwood hanging blocks, we recommend that you re oil them every three months. Carefully place a few drops of the cedarwood essential oil onto the cedarwood block and allow it to soak in. When fully soaked in, re hang in your wardrobe every 50cm.

A great gift

This set comes with six cedarwood hanging blocks and one natural anti moth cedarwood essential oil in a lovely prevention box.


10ml cedarwood essential oil
6 cedarwood hanging blocks

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