Cedarwood essential oil and wooden diffuser cup gift set


Make a saving with our cedarwood essential oil and wooden diffuser cup gift set.

Our new and uplifting cedarwood essential oil will keep your wardrobe fragrant and fresh. The ingredients of the handmade oil have been specially formulated to be used inside your wardrobe to repel female moths. The cedarwood essential oil is made from 100% naturally grown ingredients including red and atlas cedar, the uplifting fragrances of fir, lemongrass and may chang, rosemary, thyme and clove Bud.

One of the best ways to get the most out of the cedarwood essential oil is to buy it with our wooden diffuser cup. The oil slowly diffusers up the wooden stick, to give your wardrobe the forest fresh and uplifting fragrances. You can hang it in your wardrobe or on the back of a door handle or hook and it will release its forest fresh aroma and repel moths for approximately 4-6 months

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