Cashmere detox bundle: folding palette, knitwear bag, knitwear comb, May Chang drawer sachet


Treat your favourite knitwear pieces to our amazing detox bundle:

  • Knitwear and t-shirt storage bag
  • May Chang blend laundry liquid
  • May Chang anti-moth drawer sachet
  • Knitwear comb
  • Folding palette

Give your cashmere a holiday!

Everything you need to refresh your cashmere for the new season. De-fuzz your sweaters with the knitwear comb before you wash carefully with our gentle May Chang fragranced non-bio laundry liquid. Fold perfectly with the folding palette and then store carefully in the storage bag, complete with a fragrant smelling anti-moth drawer sachet.

A refreshing bundle for your cashmere and an ideal gift for a friend.

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