Annual full coverage moth subscription

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With our annual moth decoy subscription you will receive 1-10 moth decoys and 1-10 moth boxes every 3 months (make your selection below). This is effective for one room.

The moth decoy is a small tablet made of carnauba wax micropowder infused with pheromones of the female moth. As the powder is released in the air it attracts nearby male moths. When a male moth comes into contact with the electrostatic powder, it sticks to the antennae, blocking the receptors and confusing the moth. Instead of searching for female partners, he spreads the powder far and wide, attracting other males, who then also become confused and stop searching for female moths. As the moths fail to breed the lifecycle is interrupted. Over time, without any moths being killed, the powder helps to create a reduction in moth numbers.

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Shipping is charged once per year:

  • Postage for UK: £12 for year
  • Postage for Overseas: £30 for year

Stock permitting, all UK orders will be dispatched within 2 working days once the order has been received, using Royal Mail 48 Hour Tracked For Delivery Standard. Then we send you the year’s remaining subscriptions every 3 months, so you don’t need to worry about running out during the year. We also ship these subscriptions internationally.

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1 moth decoy & 1 moth box sent every 3 months, 2 moth decoys & 2 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 3 moth decoys & 3 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 4 moth decoys & 4 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 5 moth decoys & 5 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 6 moth decoys & 6 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 7 moth decoys & 7 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 8 moth decoys & 8 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 9 moth decoys & 9 moth boxes sent every 3 months, 10 moth decoys & 10 moth boxes sent every 3 months


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